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Erosion Control & Bark Blowing

Bark Blowing

Covering plant beds with a layer of organic mulch benefits plants and soil in a number of ways. Among these: Mulch helps to conserve water by limiting evaporation; it protects soil from erosion; it helps to moderate soil temperature fluctuations; it adds and supports beneficial soil micro organisms; it helps to suppress some plant diseases; and, as it breaks down, it adds organic matter to the soil. With our specialized equipment, applications can be done efficiently, and with no disturbance to lawns or other site features.

Silt Socks

Omasta Landscaping uses CDM Erosion Control Products. We have biodegradable fabric enclosures. They can be used for detaining or directing surface water flows, retaining sediment, and protecting wetlands and other water resources. Absent of any synthetic materials, these silt socks can be left in place indefinitely, saving the cost of removal. The natural fabric eventually biodegrades and is used as a food source for the micro-organisms.

What does this mean for you ? LESS WORK! Once the biodegradable socks have been filled and placed by Omasta Landscaping, your work is done. No bales or stakes to have to contend with.

Our Standard Duty Socks are UV Resistant and are great for normal usage.  They work great for both perimeter control and high flow areas.
Available sizes:  8", 12", 18"

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Thanks once again for bailing out the College right before opening of school.
-L. Archey

We just wanted to tell you how fortunate we believe we are to have someone like John working here to support our needs. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. His customer focus is unmatched as is his dedication and work ethic.
-Janet & Francine

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