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A trouble-free lawn is easier than ever with Liqui-Lawn Care, Inc. And we guarantee your satisfaction!

Liqui-Lawn Care has been growing beautiful lawns since 1979.  Our customers depend on us to keep their lawns looking great all year.  You can, too.  And when you call Liqui-Lawn Care you’ll get results you’ll love coming home to and a great price.

We do what it takes to create and maintain real value
Every year, we test and improve our programs.  We continually update training of our lawn technicians.  We use the best products for each season.  This all means you get a care-free, healthy lawn.

With complete fertilization, weed control and surface pest management, our most basic program covers most of your lawn’s needs.  But we also offer much more.  We are your single source for aerating, seeding, and tree and shrub fertilizing, and we can also provide grub and perimeter insect management.  And we do all that at reasonable prices to make it easy and affordable for you to have a great looking landscape that will add value to your home and increase its livability for your family.

It’s time to see how big the difference really is
We know you have a lot of choices in lawn care.  And we know there’s a big difference among companies, both in what they deliver to their customers and in what they charge.  This year, call Liqui-Lawn Care for a free estimate, then discover what real quality and value in lawn care can mean for you, your family and your property.

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The LIQUI-LAWN Difference
Lawn and landscape service treatment programs

  • Survey:  A professional analysis, accurate measurements and price quote for your lawn and landscaping needs.

  • Fertilizer:  The finest quality liquid and granular products applied when your lawn and New England climate dictate.

  • Crabgrass Control:  The best preemergent products available to provide season-long control.  Breakouts treated at NO additional charge to you.

  • Weed Control:  Time-tested, safe products to alleviate broadleaf weeds like pesky dandelions, clover and the multitude of others invading your lawn.

  • Surface Insect Controls:  Extremely safe, low-odor products used to eliminate chinch bugs, sod webworms, billbugs and other surface feeders.

  • Grub Control:  Long lasting systemic or contact controls to prevent costly lawn damage by these sub-surface feeders.

  • Soil Tests:  Professional chemical analysis of your lawn’s soil to provide valuable information such as soil pH and nutrient levels.

  • Pellitized Lime:  Finely ground limestone encapsulated in clay with complete uniform coverage without the mess of powdered products.

  • Aeration:  Specially designed core aerator pulls thousands of plugs out of your lawn.  These holes provide your lawn’s roots with air, water and nutrients while reducing thatch layers and relieving compaction.

  • Overseeding:  Thicken up your tired lawn and start anew.  Our special overseeding machines slice through your lawn and drop new seed in the soil.  Our company uses only the best; most advanced and improved seed varieties so you, our customer, can be assured of excellent results for years to come.

Our 4-Step Treatment Program Includes:

  1. Spring Treatment:  Crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control (weather permitting), balanced fertilizer.

  2. Early Summer Treatment:  Surface insect control, broadleaf weed control, slow release fertilizer, applied in a liquid or granular form.

  3. Summer Treatment:  Spot treatment for broadleaf weeds, slow release granular fertilizer.

  4. Fall Treatment:  High rate of potassium rich granular fertilizer for root development.

PLEASE NOTE:  To better serve your lawn needs, programs may be altered during the course of the season due to weather and other environmental factors.

A Simple Promise

WE GUARANTEE that you will be satisfied with the results and service provided by Liqui-Lawn Care.

If there is ever a problem, we will correct it at no cost to you.  If we fail to satisfy, we will cheerfully refund the cost of your last treatment.

Environmentally Friendly Service
Professional Service
Quality Products
Honest People


Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful lawn without the work and headaches?  If you have, you are not alone.  Since 1979 we have provided quality care and professional service to many of y our friends and neighbors.  At Liqui-Lawn Care, Inc. we customize a program to give you the results you have only dreamed of and the care your lawn needs.

For professional service call:
“Your Lawn’s Best Friend”
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Customers Respond!

Thanks once again for bailing out the College right before opening of school.
-L. Archey

We just wanted to tell you how fortunate we believe we are to have someone like John working here to support our needs. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. His customer focus is unmatched as is his dedication and work ethic.
-Janet & Francine

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