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Hardscaping Services

Hardscapes consist of walls, walks, patios, steps and benches. What will they do for you? Besides increase the value of you property...they will add beauty and interest to your landscape.

Omasta Landscaping takes into consideration the functions and placement of all hardscapes. We make sure your wall, walk or patio will blend as much as possible with the surrounding natural landscape to ensure the best look for your property. You can choose from retaining, sitting or even accent walls. Walkways and patios can be laid in many different patterns. Our distributors offer many different colors and styles to choose from. We do anything from the smallest accent wall or walk to an extensive full yard renovation. With New England being the leader in new landscape products in the country there are an array of products to choose from. Our construction team members are continually trained in the installation procedures for these new products. This ensures you a properly installed wall, walk, or patio that will last a lifetime.

Retaining Walls
There are several types of materials used for walls and several purposes as well. Walls may be used simply as decorative, or they can be used to create useful space in a sloped yard or add elevations to a yard that is relatively flat. In addition walls may also be used for seating purposes in your yard.

Omasta Landscaping can design and install a wall for you- whether it be from concrete pavers or from natural stone. We are familiar with working with both.

Patios & Walkways
Omasta Landscaping’s extensive design and installation experience, as well as access to wide variety of natural and manufactured materials enable us to choose the right hardscape materials for your project. We consider the style and era of your property, material function and durability requirements, and your overall landscape budget before making our recommendation. Most often, the best choices are materials that are in keeping with the aesthetic character of the New England landscape.

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Thanks once again for bailing out the College right before opening of school.
-L. Archey

We just wanted to tell you how fortunate we believe we are to have someone like John working here to support our needs. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. His customer focus is unmatched as is his dedication and work ethic.
-Janet & Francine

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