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Why test my soil ?

What about the soil ?

This is a question that is often ignored. Think of the soil as the foundation of the lawn. If you have poor soil you will most likely have a poor lawn. Have you ever taken a soil test? Knowing the pH of your lawn soil can help pinpoint the lawn problems you may have been experiencing. Weeds and bare spots are prevalent when the soil pH is unbalanced.

Why test my soil ?

Your existing soil needs to have the proper pH value and nutrients to support a healthy lawn. A soil test is the most accurate, scientific way to discover exactly what your lawn needs.

A pH level of 6.0-6.5 is important for the grass plant to get the most out of the lawn's nutrients. Your lawn's soil may also be lacking in certain nutrients. The soil test will determine exactly which lawn fertilizer your hungry lawn is craving. Based on the soil test results, your Liqui Lawn Care Expert can help you choose the right lawn fertilizer blend for you.

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Thanks once again for bailing out the College right before opening of school.
-L. Archey

We just wanted to tell you how fortunate we believe we are to have someone like John working here to support our needs. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. His customer focus is unmatched as is his dedication and work ethic.
-Janet & Francine

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